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RMG Design are well suited to Plastic part design and development. We can work from initial sketches, prototypes and ideas to meet the vision of the client while maintaining a mouldable part 'fit for purpose'. Our senior designer has literally designed 1000+ injection moulded parts for the POS industry alone.



While keeping the clients vision we think forward to the tooling. The bottom line is to design a product / assembly that does what the client wants but ensuring the tooling will be economic to manufacture. A prime example is avoiding undercuts unless really necessary. Just as importantly is designing products that will help keep the tooling reliable in production.

Key Areas Of Our Product / Part Design Knowledge

  • Develop From Clients Visuals / Protypes / Ideas / Sketches.
  • Engineer Existing Data Into Mouldable Parts.
  • Polymer Advice / Selection.
  • Design Correct Drafts / Shutout's.
  • Best Method Of Assembly - Clips, Sonic Welding, Peg & Hole, Push Fit, Glueing, Etc.
  • Design The Assembly Method Into Parts.
  • Feed Point Advice / Selection.
  • Trial Moulding Evaluation & Modifications.
  • Design Other Parts Such As Extrusions & Vacforms.

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